January 24, 2017

Wolf UAS Flight Safety Software

Wolf UAS LLC has partnered with Drone Log Book in order to provide our clients with the latest industry leading software platform for tracking, managing, analyzing, and reporting on their UAS flights. By leveraging the clients specifically tailored documentation and procedural checklists including pre-flight, post-flight, and risk assessments this tool allows oversight of an organizations’ entire fleet of operators.

The following flight tracking elements are extremely easy to integrate and track for performance, liability, and Data Assurance (SMS) needs:

  • Flight Location
  • Speed, altitude, climb rate, etc.
  • Battery performance over time
  • Pilot log book
  • Pre-flight checklists
  • Post-Flight Debriefs
  • Maintenance Records and Recommendations
  • Performance Issues and Tracking
  • Notifications to operators
  • Permissions and Requests

Further, any changes with documentation, notifications, or other needs specific to your organization can be integrated quickly and easily through the close Wolf UAS and Drone Log Book relationship with provides well-tailored solutions to your needs. This is not an “off-the shelf” software that does 90% of what you need. This is a solution that takes your organization into account and provides a meaningful and industry leading approach to safety data collection.