UAS Registration: Legal & Important

Unmanned Aircraft Registration – Why it is Legal and Why it is Important On November 11th, 2015 a DJI Phantom 3 crashed into the Ferris Wheel shown to the left. The aircraft fell from over 200 feet, smashed through a plastic picnic table. It didn’t injure¬†anyone, but property damage was incurred as a direct result[…]

Designing Best Practices in Unmanned Aircraft -or- How to Avoid Hurting Someone

A Sunny Afternoon and One More Reckless Flight We faced the roaring waves, surrounded by the imp like laughter of chattering dogs and half-naked pet owners flinging about bits of wood, treats, tennis balls, and one-another. The dogs jumped, the people bobbled, and the heat-wave weather of a So-Cal Long Beach day invited us into[…]

Born of Frustration: The Safe Skies Act of 2015

Frustration in the commercial industry, and an inability to get testing done at the FAA UAS test sites, has created a situation in which legislators take on the role of experts. Early this morning, Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon (D) and Lisa Murowski of Alaska (R) introduced the Safe Skies for Unmanned Aircraft Act of[…]

South African Civil Aviation Authority’s Clarifying Statement

“It is disappointing that there are those who are determined to turn a blind eye to potential catastrophic hazards that unmanned aircraft systems have. Let alone the evidence that continues to be gathered by the various civil aviation authorities around the world, a simple internet search attests to the potential dangers of unmanned aircraft systems.[…]

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