Announcements for 2017 and Thank You to Our Supporters!

Wolf UAS LLC became one-year-old over the holidays and a unified vision for creating safety and security in the commercial drone industry has never been more important or embraced by industry, regulators, and experts in the field. We’re proud to say that Wolf UAS has engaged in and acted as a driving force for the[…]

Get Approved… All the Cool Kids are Doing it!

I often get asked the question from UAS operators — “Why do I need to get approved?” — and the answer can be tricky. The average drone operator out there is not a fool. They have flown safely as an amateur or hobbyist for a few years, have developed the skills and confidence that comes[…]

The Scan Eagle & Why It Matters for Safety Management Systems

The ScanEagle & What it Means for Safety Management Systems The Insitu Scan Eagle –flagship UAV for the Boeing corporation – has logged over 712,000 flight hours and conducted over 76,000 sorties in military operations. It is the standard bearer for UAS in militarized zones and is quickly becoming a popular option internationally. Why does[…]

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