sUAS NPRM Draft Advisory Circular (HIDDEN TREASURE)

Could there have been a sexier title? I don’t think so. For all those out there who have yet to see the draft AC for Part 107, let me say… it’s quite good. It can also be found here as part of the docket. Huzzah! If you haven’t read it yet, go read it now.[…]

…And so it Begins… Sorta

That’s right.   It happened. It’s the beginning of the end! The very first UAS commercial type certificates have been granted by the Federal Aviation Administration! Now, commercial flights will be everywhere, all the time. No one is safe! The metallic birds, with their electronic chirps and flashing lights will pollute the skies near you –[…]

The Scan Eagle & Why It Matters for Safety Management Systems

The ScanEagle & What it Means for Safety Management Systems The Insitu Scan Eagle –flagship UAV for the Boeing corporation – has logged over 712,000 flight hours and conducted over 76,000 sorties in military operations. It is the standard bearer for UAS in militarized zones and is quickly becoming a popular option internationally. Why does[…]

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