sUAS NPRM Draft Advisory Circular (HIDDEN TREASURE)

Could there have been a sexier title? I don’t think so. For all those out there who have yet to see the draft AC for Part 107, let me say… it’s quite good. It can also be found here as part of the docket. Huzzah! If you haven’t read it yet, go read it now.[…]

Designing Best Practices in Unmanned Aircraft -or- How to Avoid Hurting Someone

A Sunny Afternoon and One More Reckless Flight We faced the roaring waves, surrounded by the imp like laughter of chattering dogs and half-naked pet owners flinging about bits of wood, treats, tennis balls, and one-another. The dogs jumped, the people bobbled, and the heat-wave weather of a So-Cal Long Beach day invited us into[…]

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