Political Activism or Dry-Run for an Attack? Radioactive Drone Found on Japanese Prime Minister’s Office

Today marks perhaps the first time a small unmanned¬†quadcopter has crossed the line from hobbyist or commercial to political activism or terrorism. Loaded with a “water bottle¬†with small traces of cesium,” the 4-prop, 50-centimeter drone sat on the rooftop of the Japanese Prime Minister’s office. I reached out to numerous subject matter experts who all[…]

The sUAS Rule Rundown

Part 107: The NPRM That Changed the Rules Drone enthusiasts, operators, educators, regulators, and business people got what they asked for in the proposed rules to Part 107. The NPRM as proposed by the FAA is a huge step forward in codifying the regulations necessary for success in the drone industry. While most of the[…]

FAA Issues Model Aircraft Rule for Public Comment – A Direct Result of Pirker v. Huerta

Breaking News in the Aero-Modeling World. As the sUAS rule gets closer and closer to public release, the FAA has reestablished the bar for certain characteristics of model aircraft in preparation. Released June 23, 2014, the FAA issued for immediate release, a change to 14 CFR Part 91 – Specifically regarding the Special Rule for[…]

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