Wolf UAS LLC provides industry awareness, representation, and program development consulting for many companies looking to apply UAS technologies to their mission or to understand the UAS market more generally. We’ve worked with state legislatures, federal agencies, educational institutions, UAS manufactures, robotics and automated ground vehicle manufacturers, and industry associations to provide leading analytics and reporting that become actionable for their goals

Wolf UAS specializes in the following industries for research, analysis, reporting, and consulting:

  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • Unmanned Ground and Sea Robotics
  • Cybersecurity Markets and Technologies
  • Regulatory Pathways for Technology Development and Implementation

The following consulting services are offered in a flexible, negotiable manner:

  • Operations Consulting: program development, system recommendation, documentation, and policy/procedure promotion
  • Safety Management Consulting: SMS documentation, Change Management Workflow, Hazard Identification and Assessment training and documentation
  • Audits and Certification: Wolf UAS provides on–site and off-site safety audits that enable the organizxation to understand how they are actually performing rather than how they THINK they are performing.
  • Research & Reports: We provide reports focused on technology markets, implementation stratagem, and business plans to enable young UAS companies to flourish in a crowded industry