Using drones for industrial facility inspection, surveying and mapping

This on-demand event offers expert advice on how to build drone operations for energy companies; how to build and scale UAV energy projects; and what risks to avoid or manage in the federal, state and local drone regulatory framework. Industry leaders used specific examples to help you efficiently and safely determine the best strategy and tactical methods for launching, integrating and scaling drones for your surveying, mapping and inspection operations at oil & gas, power, chemical and industrial facilities.

Topics include:

  • How to address drone public acceptance, trust, and privacy issues
  • Vendor/technology selection procedures – In-house versus outsource pros and cons
  • Hardware/software & data solutions
  • Certifications/standards requirements – How to develop SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Insurance, safety and risk management strategies
  • Building/scaling enterprise flight operations – Plans/procedures
  • Drone legal/regulatory from the federal, state and local levels: what you need to know
  • Business cases and how to build them for management – developing key metrics; ROI

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