Technology Policy Analysis for Legislative Initiatives

2016 – Wolf UAS LLC, in partnership with Commonwealth Consulting and Leadership performance Group, publishes highly regarded policy position and economic analyses for State and Local Legislatures highlight the benefits of technology sectors in the interest of promoting local and state economies.

These publications have to date focused on unmanned robotics and cyber security and cyber protection economies in Virginia. Tasked by the Governor’s Office of the Commonwealth of Virginia, these programs have been updated twice since 2013 and continue to highlight the leadership and success within Virginia.

Wolf UAS LLC, Commonwealth Consulting, and Leadership Performance Group are always looking for more opportunities to produce high-quality technology policy materials. If you are looking to highlight your local economy, educate your state or local legislature on issues important to your state, or gain support for legislation by your constituency; contact Wolf UAS LLC today.

For a full copy of this publication click here: Cyber security in Virginia

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