Standard Operating Procedures for Commercial UAS

2016 – Wolf UAS LLC has been heavily engaged with multiple West Coast electricity and gas companies to develop flight operations, incident and accident reporting and response tools, training manuals and safety management documentation and processes for their organizations.

Specialized materials, training, processes and procedure unique to the utility industry provide a much better and more applicable safety program which enables success through safety in a more specific, and ultimately more effective way.

Wolf UAS LLC is now working with Oil & Gas operations, Inspection teams, and aerial staffing organization to provide the same high level appreciation for safety while promoting new industry best practices.

Whatever the industry, Wolf UAS adapts Industry Best Practice from the Aviation Industry, FAA and ICAO frameworks to fit your needs in an effective but effective and compliant way.

Developing policies and procedures for unique industries takes research, energy, and knowledge of how UAS applies in differing situation. Our team has cultivated this knowledge through 10+ years of constant research, industry participation and knowledge, and active engagements internationally with world leading companies. They take pride in working for you.

An example from within training materials highlight the overlap between UAS and Utility speficic applications can be found: Utility Industry Cover

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