January 24, 2017

Off-Site Safety Officer

Safety as a Service provides the highest level of safety support for Unmanned System companies looking to become, and/or remain, compliant with FAA/ICAO and Industry best Practice Standards for Safety and Risk mitigation. This service combines all the other services offered by Wolf UAS LLC in order to define, implement, and maintain a safety program that is robust, flexible, and completely tailored to your operation.

Your Off-Site Safety Officer, Harrison Wolf, holds the prestigious certification in Aviation Safety from the University of Southern California’s world leading Aviation Safety & Security Program, where he also teaches SMS for Remotely Piloted Aircraft. His foundational academic textbook Drones: Safety Risk Management for the Next Evolution of Flight┬áis based upon his experience working with Industry Best Practice Standards as the Technical chair for Operational Risk Assessment for sUAS Operations. Harrison works for his clients to create industry leading programs that respect and appreciate safety without creating burdensome policies or procedures that limit efficiency and effectiveness of UAS action.

The Off-Site Safety Officer service includes the following in order to provide a complete program for new and established companies seeking higher risk environments for UAS integration:

  • Full Safety Management Systems (SMS) Program Development and Maintenance
  • Off-Site Safety Officer that is responsive to operational needs at anytime throughout the week (8 am – 6 pm)
  • Weekly monitoring of flight data (including checklists, mission planning, flight debriefs, customer response metrics)
  • Weekly and Monthly analysis and reporting of safety data compliant with SMS requirements
  • GAP analysis, Audit, and Change Management implementation on an as needed basis responsive to the needs of the organization
  • Training & Safety Promotion using cutting-edge software tools
  • Wolf UAS LLC Private Server Software for data analytics and reporting powered by Drone Log Book.

Prices are negotiated based upon the number of operators in the client organization and the number of on-site training/audits.