Stop Flying Near the White House!!

For some reason unmanned aircraft enthusiasts really want to get images of the top of the White House. Maybe its the beginning of the next National Treasure movie – Andrew Jackson’s lost map to Washington’s gold is painted on the roof! I don’t know what draws people to fly in restricted airspace, amidst hundreds of[…]

3 Things You need to know about the Drone Crash at the White House!

1) The Pilot was Drunk! 2) The Pilot is a Spy! 3) China is installing firmware to take control of any quad copter it has developed! 4) Geofences are not the answer! Okay, this isn’t buzzfeed, but all the above items are, unfortunately, accurate (if not hyperbolic) and make this on-going story more interesting as[…]

Drones in Hollywood! SMS in UAS!

It has been a lot of hard work, but today it was all worth it when the Section 333 exemptions were granted to the MPAA endorsed Drone filming applications. Where many of the voices in the United States thought the process to be dead, to be simply an excuse to prevent regulations for drones, my[…]

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