Washington, DC to Houston, TX: Two Competing Visions for Drones

Two Competing Visions for Drones Two competing visions for the future of drones are emerging and never before was it clearer than this week. Where one future includes franchising, non-specific operations that dominate the service landscape, the other requires domain and regional expertise with a clear understanding of how to operate in unique, safety focused[…]

Developing a New Program for Drone Operations

Overcoming Hurdles Through Planning  After developing new small UAS programs for nearly 7 years in a variety of capacities, you begin to see many of the same problems facing new programs. Whether leveraging the resources and support of the University of Southern California to create curriculum for search and rescue, SMS, and program management, or[…]

Using drones for industrial facility inspection, surveying and mapping

This on-demand event offers expert advice on how to build drone operations for energy companies; how to build and scale UAV energy projects; and what risks to avoid or manage in the federal, state and local drone regulatory framework. Industry leaders used specific examples to help you efficiently and safely determine the best strategy and tactical[…]

Drone Industry Updates from AUVSI 2017 – Current and Predicted Trends

For the last seven years, I’ve been privileged enough to take part in the excitement and experience of AUVSI’s largest unmanned aircraft exposition on the planet, now known as XPONENTIAL. Each year is different. Where years ago military UAS and ground robotics dominated the show floor and law enforcement provided the substance of the educational[…]