Drone Industry Conferences – Where you learn the Specifics for Your Drone Operation

By Mitch Droz

You need more than just basic knowledge or how to pass the 107 test. You’re working hard to develop an advanced drone program prioritizing safety while enabling effective flights. What you need is workflow management, scaling, safety specific topics to electricity, oil and gas, and asset management; you don’t need the same high level overviews and market analysis that you get anywhere. Industry specific conferences are the solution – learn from experts in your field that are solving the specific challenges you’re having right now.

Next week in Houston, the Energy Drone Coalition (EDC) Summit is hosting one of these types of conference – an industry specific event that will provides a focus on driving innovation forward for your company.  Meeting people in your industry with similar needs, and hearing their stories, helps to identify a path that you can take for adoption. This is why, Wolf UAS is supporting the Energy Drone Coalition for the second year and why I am looking forward to seeing you there.

This year I return to the EDC Summit to present in the Drone Program Development Learning Session and am presenting a Keynote on Scaling your Energy UAV Operation. I will also be providing my view on the status of the industry, hoping to meet other like-minded operators looking for safe, secure, and successful operations, and try to answer some of the questions that follow.

Workshop: Designing, Launching & Scaling Energy/Engineering UAV Programs

  • “What does a healthy program look like?”
  • “How much risk is my organization ready to take on?”

The Education Session workshop will provide you with everything you wanted to know about launching and growing your UAS program for energy & engineering operations from industry leaders. I’m excited to share my industry experience in create a drone program from scratch, developing a business case for UAS programs, discussing the difference between drone operation concepts and outcomes, and providing lessons learned throughout. My past experiences building a drone program for a major utility, and various roles in operations and finance, provide a unique perspective that are different from what you often get in the drone community.

Joining me in the session is an exciting group of leaders: Data Wing Global’s Landon Phillips, Unmanned Safety Institutes’ Josh Olds, Hazon Solutions’ Ed Hines, Airview Consulting’s Derek Lyons.

Keynote – Scaling Energy UAV Ops: In-house, Outsourced, or Hybrid?

  • “How do you define value propositions for UAV operations?”
  • “What are some business cases for these ROI models?”

Leadership is making the directional decisions and working through the adventure ahead. This is your chance to hear from the leaders that made those call and learn from the outcome of their decisions. This is one of my favorite topics because it defines how your company experiences UAS.

My personal experience in this is the hybrid-model; where we trained and managed drone operations internally with some flights done by employees leaving more advanced, Beyond-Visual-Line-of-Sight operations to external experts. We chose it because it offered an opportunity to develop SOPs in house, leverage some expertise to developed new skills, and paved a path forward for us, the utility, to scale the program or unleash consultants to execute the work. This hybrid model is one that enables short-term wins while ensuring long-term sustainability.

My View of the Industry & Questions

Fact, the industry is at a point where large organizations are establishing and expecting mature drone operations and SMS programs to mitigate risk. Industry growth means companies are now beginning to scale operations. We have clients that are both asset owners and service providers who have established drone programs and are now looking for solutions to scale, while meeting more robust operation requirements. Companies that want to compete in this market are evolving their current operation to a more mature program that requires scalable processes and tools.

I’m excited to attend EDC Summit to learn more about how energy drone programs are leveraging software solutions, how regulations are impacting critical infrastructure, and how A.I. derived toolsets are making operating a UAS program more efficient for asset owners. I feel confident that I will get these questions answered and more considering the focus of the EDC and the depth of the participants.

If you’ll be in Houston and want to connect, or would like to learn more about Wolf UAS has to offer, visit our website at www.wolfuas.com.  I looking forward to seeing you in Houston!



Mitch Droz
Co-Owner, VP of Operations
Wolf UAS, LLC.


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