Announcements for 2017 and Thank You to Our Supporters!

Wolf UAS LLC became one-year-old over the holidays and a unified vision for creating safety and security in the commercial drone industry has never been more important or embraced by industry, regulators, and experts in the field. We’re proud to say that Wolf UAS has engaged in and acted as a driving force for the discussion and delivery of important safety developments throughout the industry. Harrison Wolf acted as Technical Chair for ASTM f-38’s Operational Risk Assessment Standard which is being published after 2 years of committee work – engaging industry leaders, working hand in hand with leaders in the field from Test Sites, companies, and the FAA – under the designation F3178-16. Further, we’ve been a part of writing text books for Argus’ Unmanned Safety Institute and continuing to develop the world-leading curriculum at the University of Southern California’s Aviation Safety & Security Program.

We’ve partnered with leading minds in the consulting industry at Royo SMS Group and look forward to providing on-going and complementary service to UMS. This year alone, we traveled to New Orleans, San Diego, Seattle, Cincinnati, Montreal, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Las Vegas  Dallas, and Boston (MIT) to provide SMS training for Remotely Piloted Aircraft and speak to the commercial UAS industry at large. The demand for safety focused education in the UAS world has never been greater and Wolf UAS LLC is happy to be a part of that mission.

We could have never gotten this far without a clear and well-defined respect for safety in the commercial industry and that comes from those leaders and experts spreading the message that safety matters, and leadership must be accountable. Thank you to our clients, supporters, friends and family who make it possible for Wolf UAS to succeed in this wonderful new industry. We also got to have a little fun at the beach thanks to our Wolf UAS Phantom 3 Pro and our trusty 107 certification.



Looking forward to 2017, we’ve cultivated a team around of professional educators, consultants, industry experts, and regulatory leaders who provide a foundation for success that have exceeded all of hopes for the first year, and of which we are eager to announce partnerships and collaborations across many industry verticals for 2017. I haven’t posted in a while because my mind was focused on the road in front and finishing the industry’s first academic safety text book, but having delivered and finished the end strong, Wolf UAS can announce some exciting things from the past year and highlight what to expect for the beginning of 2017.

Building an Industry from the Ground up – In 2016 Wolf UAS worked with two major energy companies to help develop and build UAS programs that will benefit the American energy grid through quicker response, constant evaluation of distribution and delivery networks, and protect the lives of lineman, helicopter crews, and more. We worked directly with the corporate entrepreneurs and their support to build the policies, procedures, and safety management structures that will protect their resource heavy investment, and develop in-house, rather than contracted-out, flight management expertise. The West Coast provided the backdrop for the immense successes of these company’s pathway forward and enabled Wolf UAS to implement Safety Management Systems – designed and developed based on FAA and ICAO aviation models – to be compliant internationally at the highest level of flight safety. We learned quite a bit throughout the process and through a number of iterations created documentation and policies that continue to define and lead the energy sector for best practices.

Research and Advocacy – Working with our preferred legislative consulting group, Commonwealth Consulting LLC – Wolf UAS provided the industry expertise, research efforts, and heavy-writing for two reports for the Virginia Governor’s Office. These reports pushed the economic development of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems industry by highlighting the resources available to enterprise and start-up companies re-locating to Virginia as well as characteristics of the labor market and tax incentives for the State. Both reports, Cybersecurity in Virginia and the UAS Industry in Virginia, were met with very positive reviews and were considered instrumental in the development and relocation of a number of organizations to the Virginian economy. The State of Virginia has likewise shown interest in updating these reports, and Wolf UAS LLC is eager to begin the process of highlighting not only the labor assets, rich resources of the state, and the successful stories of the industries, but also focus on the immense investment in educational pathways for cyber-security and automation the visionary state has made. Beyond advocacy efforts and educational materials, Wolf UAS provided automation and robotics companies with commercial markets analysis.

Collaborating with Industry Leaders – Wolf UAS is very excited to announce a partnership with Drone Log Book that enables Wolf UAS clients and customers the opportunity to use the new Wolf UAS LLC Private Client drone flight management and safety software powered by Drone Log Book. By utilizing custom made content and service based upon the policies, procedures, and documentation developed for Wolf UAS clients but using the back-end system and reliability of Drone Log Book, Wolf UAS customers can now upload, track, manage, document, and promote their program in a fully compliant, all-inclusive platform that meet the highest standards of the industry. Meanwhile, Wolf UAS will now be offering an “Off-Site Safety Officer” service that focuses on pro-active reporting, analytics and cutting edge, industry performance

The Off-Site Safety Officer – Hiring a UAS safety officer is challenging. The need for an on-site safety officer is often overkill for small and medium sized companies as the number of flights are limited, the risk inherent in the operations less than that off a full manned aviation service, and the cost of such an individual is very high. The Off-Site Safety Officer service provides all of the industry leading knowledge, data focused analytics, and pro-active reporting metrics through an integrated and robust Wolf UAS Private Client Software powered by Drone Log Book. This service allows an organization to opt-in to Wolf UAS safety expertise; providing oversight for the safety side of all flights, reports, and provides monthly or weekly reporting on current flight operations. Further, the Wolf UAS safety suite is able to compare flight reports and trends across multiple organizations in an anonymous way, so that priority safety recommendations and reports can be presented in a previously impossible way aggregating across multiple companies and profiles.

Drones: Safety Risk Management for the Next Evolution of Flight –  Now, for the big announcement 4 years in the making! It’s finally here. After 4 years of development and built upon the idea that for the proliferation of drone technology and commercial applications to grow, a safety understanding at least on par with manned aviation must exist, Drones: Safety Risk Management for the Next Evolution of Flight is being published by Rutledge publishing in April 2017. This industry text will be one of the first published on the current status of the UAS industry in a well researched, and unbiased way. It provides the risk management expertise, regulatory development understanding, and community building knowledge needed to be successful as a drone safety risk manager and student and should be required reading at most aviation safety institutions. As ICAO, EASA, and FAA have identified risk based approaches to integration of airspace as the key for any operation, this book  – based upon the authors work and research at USC and in development of the ASTM Operational Risk Assessment standard, provides the very knowledge and practical application of safety theory for UAS operations. This will be a must have book for any operator or student of UAS as well as enthusiasts looking to reduce their insurance premiums, provide better support for their operations, and protect their equipment, interests, and lives.

More information to come on book signings and speaking engagements.

For more information or to request free copies of the book for ordering at safety institutions, please submit a request via the Homepage.

It’s an exciting year and we’re looking forward to providing the service and support you need to keep you in the air.


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