Political Activism or Dry-Run for an Attack? Radioactive Drone Found on Japanese Prime Minister’s Office

Today marks perhaps the first time a small unmanned¬†quadcopter has crossed the line from hobbyist or commercial to political activism or terrorism. Loaded with a “water bottle¬†with small traces of cesium,” the 4-prop, 50-centimeter drone sat on the rooftop of the Japanese Prime Minister’s office. I reached out to numerous subject matter experts who all[…]

sUAS NPRM Draft Advisory Circular (HIDDEN TREASURE)

Could there have been a sexier title? I don’t think so. For all those out there who have yet to see the draft AC for Part 107, let me say… it’s quite good. It can also be found here as part of the docket. Huzzah! If you haven’t read it yet, go read it now.[…]

Unmanned Aircraft Systems from 3 Perspectives: The Entrepreneur, Regulator & Educator

UAS are moving faster than anyone guessed. Trade show goers, tech promoters, inventors, and the military may have had the best insight in the beginning, but now it is up to the entrepreneurs, the tech developers, the investors, and the visionaries to embrace unmanned systems. The promise and the problem that UAS presents is simply[…]

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