The sUAS Rule Rundown

Part 107: The NPRM That Changed the Rules Drone enthusiasts, operators, educators, regulators, and business people got what they asked for in the proposed rules to Part 107. The NPRM as proposed by the FAA is a huge step forward in codifying the regulations necessary for success in the drone industry. While most of the[…]

Born of Frustration: The Safe Skies Act of 2015

Frustration in the commercial industry, and an inability to get testing done at the FAA UAS test sites, has created a situation in which legislators take on the role of experts. Early this morning, Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon (D) and Lisa Murowski of Alaska (R) introduced the Safe Skies for Unmanned Aircraft Act of[…]

This is Your Brain on Drones: How Mental Models Affect Flight

Cognitive Processes in Drone Flight These are some thoughts from an upcoming human factors presentation related to UAS I am presenting in Canada, 2015 The study of cognition is very interesting. The way humans think is often broken into conceptual frailties that have roots in one theory or another, and often degenerates into philosophical questions,[…]

Does GeoFencing Work? No.

The White House drone crash stimulated a number of responses from all over the unmanned aircraft world. From the President of the United States demanding new regulations to protect the public from the menace of drones, to the Chinese manufacturer DJI announcing new firmware that limits their UAVs, every leader in the field had some[…]

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