sUAS Rulemaking Change – Hobbyists Without a Place to Hang Their Hats

Notices of Proposed Rule-making (NPRMs) are a last step before a proposed rule becomes a regulation. On October 25th, 2014 a proposed rule went before the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) within the White House, for executive review and promotion to the NPRM stage. The OIRA maintains a website identifying all activities undertaken[…]

3 Things You need to know about the Drone Crash at the White House!

1) The Pilot was Drunk! 2) The Pilot is a Spy! 3) China is installing firmware to take control of any quad copter it has developed! 4) Geofences are not the answer! Okay, this isn’t buzzfeed, but all the above items are, unfortunately, accurate (if not hyperbolic) and make this on-going story more interesting as[…]

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