…And so it Begins… Sorta

That’s right.   It happened. It’s the beginning of the end! The very first UAS commercial type certificates have been granted by the Federal Aviation Administration! Now, commercial flights will be everywhere, all the time. No one is safe! The metallic birds, with their electronic chirps and flashing lights will pollute the skies near you –[…]

Quadcopter LA: The Best & The Worst for $1000

We have a winner folks! Taking the cake for what will surely be one of the best examples as to why Quadcopters are the future of aerial photography as well as why they shouldn’t be, we have: With it’s trendy, smooth music and terrifyingly close encounters with cars, water, party-goers, and beach balls, this video[…]

Unmanned Maintenance – Misunderstanding of Risk

Unmanned Maintenance – A Misunderstanding of Risk Human error does not only impact the operation and design of aircraft, but also the maintenance of unmanned aircraft. If there are differences in operations as a function of the pilot being absent from an aircraft, of course there would be human error implications specific to unmanned aircraft[…]

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