The Scan Eagle & Why It Matters for Safety Management Systems

The ScanEagle & What it Means for Safety Management Systems The Insitu Scan Eagle –flagship UAV for the Boeing corporation – has logged over 712,000 flight hours and conducted over 76,000 sorties in military operations. It is the standard bearer for UAS in militarized zones and is quickly becoming a popular option internationally. Why does[…]

Quads on Ted

If you ever wondered how a quadcopter operates by utilizing control algorithms as a feedback response for stabilization and maneuvering – this video does a wonderful job I highly recommend watching this video for understanding the balance, interaction, and possible future development of quadcopters and other self-driven electromechanics. Enjoy!

Will ADS-B Be A Game Changer?

Existing Technology; Future Problems The question on everyone’s mind these days is how we will we identify drones in the air and how a manned-pilot can comfortably rely on their own right-of-way knowledge to avoid a collision? There are many variables that cloud the answer, ranging from the technological and expensive hindrances that coincide with[…]

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